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    essay on random drug testing

    One click instant price quote Purpose Using illegal drugs has been problem affecting different age levels.In nine states, it is mandatory for participation in extracurricular activities in junior high. Representative Stephen Fincher (R-Tennessee) introduced the Welfare Integrity Act of 2013 last week, which would require random drug testing for illegal substances for welfare applicants and recipients. Fincher stated, "currently the federal government enables drug abusers a safety-net by allowing them to participate in the TANF program," Fincher said in a statement highlighted by the Huffington Post.In 1998, the ruling was extended to include all extracurricular activities.You can look through other papers posted on our blog to ease your studies.The efforts are earmarked more toward a misperception about those living in poverty rather than actual facts.We shouldn’t be subsidizing people’s addiction.”The new law, according to Scott, would ensure cash welfare funds go to their primary target (disadvantaged children) and also provide incentives for welfare recipients to not use drugs. "Instead of having to make the hard-choice between drugs and other essential needs, abusers are able to rely on their monthly check to help them pay their bills." Fincher is relying on the flawed and age-old notion that those living in poverty and receiving benefits through the federal program, Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) have a better chance to abuse drugs than those who do not receive TANF benefits.For those people who consume alcohol, breath tests are carried out to determine the level of toxicology.In reading some recent articles, parents are in turmoil about their child’s privacy and dignity being violated.Sjöqvist, Garle, & Rane, states, "Notable examples include Ben Johnson's gold medal for the 100 m at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, and hundreds of other winning elite athletes who have been caught in doping tests" (Sjöqvist, Garle, & Rane, 2008). There are some athletes who are unaware that they have used performance enhancing drugs.
    • Most logical place for random drug testing would be at the school, although I do not think is should be random, I think what is good for one is good for, that way.
    • The Department of Education DepEd has issued guidelines in conducting random drug testing among students in public and private.
    • But this is an issue for another essay, so let us focus on more. After the 6 month period you will be subject to random drug testing the same.
    • The decision of the court allowed random drug testing for student athletes. In 1998, the ruling was extended to include all extracurricular activities. Other rulings.

    essay on random drug testing

    Matthew Murchie, 17, St Joseph's College Drug abuse remains a serious problem in schools.Our employment essay sample will show you some ideas for your own paper.The site is maintained to provide technical resources, materials and information about student drug testing programs—a proven deterrent to student drug use—and contains reports on current research and student drug use data; student-drug testing court case rulings; summaries of school policies; links to other resources, and more. Parents should wake up to the reality that their children are going each day to schools where drug use, possession and sale are as much a part of the curriculum as arithmetic and English.”—Joseph A.Professional athletes like Barry bonds, Mark Mc Guire, and Lance Armstrong have been using PEDs for years.Workplace safety is often the main reason for employee drug testing. ”I look on the security camera by the door and it’s two American guys holding briefcases. But I learned to play the game with my head and my heart and my balls. I’d walk out to the on-deck circle and look into the crowd and pick out the craziest guys there. Also, those at the collegiate level where money and potential careers are on the line.This paper will examine the constitutional rights of high school athletics tested for drugs in order to participate in a sport.The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has argued against drug testing by citing the Fourth Amendment of the U. Some say that forcing kids to submit to drug testing will only foster and encourage rebellious acts, which could in turn create more drug use instead of less.The issue of drug testing in schools has been argued before the Supreme Court of the United States, and it's been a hot-button issue in many homes around the nation.

    essay on random drug testing

    Each principal was asked to compare drug activity during the 1999-2000 school year when drug testing policies were in effect with the 2000-2001 school year when schools were not allowed to continue with their random drug testing policies. 85% of the principals reported an increase in drug usage after drug testing was stopped…78% of principals reported that there was an increase in the number of students who came forward and told them that drug usage was on the rise since drug testing was stopped.Drugs affect the profitability of a company as a result of lowering the productivity of employees, theft and loss of property by employees, accidents on the job, cases of absenteeism and medical claims which are made by employees due to job related accidents.Therefore, the government's zero- tolerance policy on drug abuse among teenagers through mandatory drug testing is a necessary measure.Welcome to the Student Drug Testing Coalition web site.The Coalition is a project of the Drug-Free Projects Coalition, Inc. that the corridors and classrooms of our nation’s middle and high schools are so infested with drugs that for many students school days have become school daze.Substance abuse has detrimental effects to both the employer and the employee.The government's repeated anti-drug campaigns bore little fruit.

    essay on random drug testing essay on random drug testing

    Should high school students be subject to random drug testing.

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