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  • Essay on wildlife protection

    essay on wildlife protection

    India's 59 national parks and 254 sanctuaries, which occupy an insignificant 4 percent of the country's geographical area, have proved insufficient to protect the country's wildlife.Garbage heaps are increasing and disposal of waste seems an alarming task. persuasive essay essay topics Application Information. Students may apply for university, college and departmental scholarships through one application.Wild life conservation helps to protect the natural environment, endangered animals and plants.Even our fossil fuels are the result of Paleozoic Era ecosystems that captured the sun's energy-the same energy that we are now using billions of years later. Several animals and birds are standing on the verge of destruction because of excessive poaching, illegal trading, loss of habitat, pollution and deforestation.By working with governments and communities to bolster environmental policy, train new generations of environmental stewards, support sustainable livelihoods, and connect protected areas, WCS seeks to protect the continent’s wild places in perpetuity.Wildlife Conservation Trust's 360° approach to conservation has started showing positive impact in Indian landscape The Wildlife Conservation essay protection wildlife Trust currently works. Enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing services provided by professional academic writers Wildlife conservation encompasses all human activities and efforts directed essay protection wildlife to preserve wild animals from extinction.Due to the rapid urbanisation, trees and forests are being cut for the space to live in. We must promote wildlife awareness among each other through posters or by educating them. These projects not only help to preserve and protect our natural heritage but also encourage eco-tourism.Why do we have to risk the lives of these innocent animals?The farmer's plough and the poacher's gun are responsible for the extinction of several species. With its grey, soft coat and rosette-shaped black dots, it ruled over the Himalayas. The musk deer, which haunts the lower Himalayas, was wildly hunted for its musk gland, which is widely used in the perfume industry.If you like it, or parts of it, feel free to copy or use it in any way you wish under a creative commons license.
    • Essay on Wildlife and Conservation. Wildlife act was for protection of wild animals, birds and plants, and basically aims at protecting.
    • Essay, Articles, Poem, Writing Paper, Quotes, Resources. So, there is a need of habitat conservation, wildlife protection and wildlife conservation.
    • Free wildlife preservation papers, essays, and research papers.
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    essay on wildlife protection

    The planet’s human population grew by 1.6 billion people between 19 (30% growth rate).I’ve watched animal television documentaries of helpless animals having nowhere to go because of everything we decide to cut down.There are a lot of countries around the world that have a developed structure of governmental agencies that are responsible for protecting environment.There is plenty of room for us to exist side by side with wild animals, and this should be our aim.Yet increasingly, we fail to acknowledge the tens of thousands of creatures with whom we cohabitate, the wildlife upon whom our very existence is contingent.Firstly, if we allow any species to disappear, this is actually not a disaster.It even includes a map section containing areas that have large seafood consumption and are therefore endangered by over fishing.Man's ever increasing needs and greed have led him to intrude indiscriminately into the world of nature.They are linked by a natural food chain and the biodiversity is enough to support whole wildlife. Many animals are in the danger of extinction and strongly need to be saved. Humans’ activities become a big threat to the animals.

    essay on wildlife protection

    - Wildlife preservation may be an important contribution to our animal’s lives, but what if these animal’s lives would be getting in the way of our economy gaining money.Wildlife conservation refer to the steps that are taken to protect and conserve wild animals and plants.As the trees are cut for fuel, timber, wood, paper, thus the forest area is getting diminished. Nature maintains a delicate balance between plants and animals.These swampy regions have always been in turmoil and in fear of being used for the ever-expanding human race.Wild animals are those animals that exist without direct control of man and live independently by adopting the nature.One of the biggest challenges that the government, environmentalists and private organizations are facing in India is to put a full stop on the killing and trading of animals.Wildlife plays an important role in balancing the environment and provides stability to different natural processes of nature.

    essay on wildlife protection essay on wildlife protection

    Wildlife and Conservation Essay,

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