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    informative speech about obesity

    You are considered obese if your weight is 20% or more above the normal weight for your age.It is sad that this is called a disorder or a disease because of the type of society we live in today.The aim of this countrywide campaign is not only to generate greater levels of awareness for this major health issue but to demonstrate, through practical means, ways to avoid becoming overweight and obese and maintain a healthy weight.Education and information will be fundamental to the campaign so as to enable people make healthier lifestyle choices.Here is a free informative speech on childhood obesity to use as a guide.To give you an idea of how to write a decent informative essay on the subject of obesity, the following provides a selection of different basic tips.This, as a result, causes high blood pressure and puts unneeded strain on your heart.Remember - these are ideas for informative speeches, so you just want to INFORM your audience, not persuade them to take an action or try to convince them that something is "good" or "bad". For example, if you wanted to write a speech on the Turks and Caicos Islands, you would want to inform your audience of where these Islands are, the history of the Islands, etc.For example, biology may require you to look at various aspects of obesity, whilst you may also look at the topic when studying various social sciences. These sources must be cited within the outline as well as listed in a References section at the end of your outline.Click the like button above to let everyone on Face Book know about this resource for speech topics, free sample speeches and speech writing tips!
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    informative speech about obesity

    In recent years, the number of overweight people in industrialized countries has increased significantly, so much so that the World Health Organization (WHO) has called obesity an epidemic.According to former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, the average American child spends at least four hours a day engaged in sedentary activities such as watching television, playing videogames, and playing on the computer. This epidemic I’m referring to is obesity and by living a healthy lifestyle it can be prevented. Today, I want to talk to you about two major ways you can become a healthier person. We all need to live healthy lifestyles in order to keep from becoming over weight and putting ourselves at risk for serious diseases III. As a student currently taking nutrition, I have learned about the epidemic about the many benefits of becoming a healthier person. Two major ways to become healthier are following the Dietary Guidelines and exercising regularly. One way to become a healthier person it to follow the Dietary Guidelines. First, on their website, the USDA describes the Dietary Guidelines as advice for Americans ages 2 and older that help them to maintain a healthy weight, reduce risk of chronic disease, and promote overall health.If an individual’s amount of body fat becomes too excessive, he/she is at a much greater risk of developing life-altering diseases such as heart failure, hypertension, type II diabetes, cancer, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, etc.... Carbohydrate means sugar, both simple & complex, & these are biggest food drivers of the 1st 2 issues & may ? Study: Big Fat Lies, MGovern's Report, Mary Enig, Science for Smart People, Gary Taubes, Peter Attia, Nu, Fat Chance.html, Diet, Paleo, etc. The weight may come from muscle, bone, fat, and/or body water.For example, you may have very muscular people who are very fit and healthy; however, due to the added weight of extra muscles in comparison to their height, they may technically be classified as obese.Due to the rising prevalence of obesity in children and its many adverse health effects it is being recognized as a serious public health concern.The cause of increasing obesity rates in Australia are fast food outlets, lack of exercise and the failure to maintain a healthy diet.The American Academy of Pediatricians defines childhood obesity as occurring in kids who have a BMI of more than 30.

    informative speech about obesity

    Both ambitious and achievable, this campaign aims also to motivate and harness the support of other sectors of society to address this multi-faceted issue.Childhood Obesity Obesity has been called the "new American epidemic" by many doctors.The theme, Every Step Counts – Small Changes Make the Difference is being spearheaded for Government by the Health Promotion Unit of my Department, and will focus on and integrate two key lifestyle issues: healthy eating – incorporating healthier portion sizes – and the need for regular physical activity.Jamie Oliver is transforming the way we feed ourselves, and our children.- Introduction Although many individuals are uncertain about the increasing statistics associated with obesity, more than seventy percent of men and virtually sixty-two percent of women within the United States adult population are overweight or obese (Wilmore, Costill, & Kenney).If the parents adopt healthy eating habits, then the child will form these habits as well and could likely carry that into adulthood. It is also important for parents establish a routine of physical fitness into the child’s life.Informative Speech Outline Jill Lesmann Oral Communications Cathleen Kruska April 9th 2015 Topic: Childhood Obesity INTRODUCTION I. I have been a pediatric nurse for almost 2 years now.

    informative speech about obesity informative speech about obesity

    Informative Speech Outline-Childhood Obesity - Term Paper

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