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  • Should college athletes be paid to play

    should college athletes be paid to play

    Many people say that receiving a scholarship is enough of a financial incentive, but there are not enough athletic scholarships to support all members of the teams.LSU running back Leonard Fournette (7) eludes Auburn defensive back Blake Countess (24) on a 40 hard touchdown run in the first half of an NCAA college football game in Baton Rouge, La., Saturday, Sept. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) Some college athletes’ names are among the superstars.As of today, amateurism requirements do not allow things such as contracts with professional teams, a salary for participating in athletics, prize money above actual and necessary expenses, etc.Many reasons go into why college athletes should obtain a pay check.A lot of guys are blessed with parents who are still married, who are together, they have great occupations and are doing well-off financially. I think it should just come down to the player and his environment.Anti-competitive behavior is just as harmful to athletes.Baseball, soccer, lacrosse and others, get nothing.They are given room, board and health care in exchange for their time, and served by tutors, coaches and trainers. If a star receiver decided to focus on academics and scale back football practice, he would be dropped from the team and lose his scholarship.When it comes down to it, if an athlete eats on campus, lives on campus and uses their scholarship, what more do they need to get by?Colleges exist to educate people, and many times it is emphasized that “student” comes before “athlete.” Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman would disagree. These are all things that are provided to the majority of athletes.In amateur sports the competitors do not spend a great deal of time practicing, since they are playing for fun and have work or school full-time.
    • The over-a-billion-dollars-a-year that CBS will pay for broadcasting the NCAA` March Madness tournament has sparked once again the gashing conversation.
    • Student athletes work for the NCAA and make millions of dollars but do not see a penny of it. They should be paid for all the hard work and dedication that they.
    • Jan 19, 2017. Some say that, if major college athletes are being paid their worth in salaries, they. Overall, according to BI, the average Division I player is worth $296,723. argument on why football and basketball players should be paid.
    • Sep 1, 2017. The great “Pay for Play” debate seems to bring out an opinion from everyone. college athletes in trying to finally answer the question – should.

    should college athletes be paid to play

    While I respect the time, work, and excitement college athletics brings to the world of sports, they should not be paid.However, if this were to be set in place, the consequences would greatly outweigh the benefits.All of those things combined amount to at least $20,000 every year. If the game isn't on television, it is likely on the radio. Hypothetically, let's say that the rule changes and collegiate players can receive moeny to play.College athletes and other people believe that college athletes should receive a salary.First, the athletes are putting themselves at risk for injuries.The semifinals—broadcast exclusively through Turner Sports' family of networks including TBS, TNT, and tru TV—grossed 16.4 million viewers total.If they are making money for others without being compensated, are they being taken advantage of?The organization continues to examine the amount of time Division I student-athletes spend on athletics and it approved the formation of a Student-Athlete Advisory Committee to discuss issues that impact its athletes at all levels.Since the debate was sparked over the NCAA income from broadcasting, the answer is simple: the athletes who bring in the big money, namely, men’s basketball and football players, will get paid. They are the ones who provide good time that people who are willing to pay for it, so they deserve to get paid.The truth is, the only collegiate sports that really make anything for the colleges are football and basketball, and only the top championship teams really bring in money for their schools.

    should college athletes be paid to play

    Anti-trust law requires that they compete, allowing aspiring young professors to benefit from their own marketable talents.Pros get paid to represent their team and make fame to that team. Also, college coaches get paid on average 15,000 dollars a YEAR for coaching. Finally, everyone knows some people get scholarships, but what about food money if they come from a poor family? A full ride scholarship would pay for the athlete’s college tuition, on-campus housing, books and food.Some schools get 40 million dollars in football earnings. They have to balance school and practice schedules. Also, student athletes can't get side jobs for spending money with their schedule. Some say that, if major college athletes are being paid their worth in salaries, they could buy the dinners of their choosing.The question of if college athletes should get paid or not is a very large debate in the sports community right now.A resounding theme among many supporters for “Pay for Play” seems to be the conception that schools are raking in heaps of profit from the work of the athletes. The NCAA keeps a public record of expense reports from all their universities and the numbers may shock you.

    should college athletes be paid to play should college athletes be paid to play

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