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    sir william ayscough

    I have both Constable (UK) & Tunstall (US) lines, though not connected to each other. Sir John de Tunstall of Thurland Castle (a 1377) 2. (before 1392) Isabel Harington (b c1370, dau of Sir Nicholas Harington) A. Elizabeth Gascoigne (ii) other issue - Mary, Margaret Not mentioned by Visitation but apparently another wife of Francis was ... Anne Bold (dau of Richard Bold of Bold) (B) Anne Tunstall m. Some have traced an american Coney line to Sir Edward Ayscough. Lincolnshire ENG is the only shire in ENG in which a sufficient number of Coneys reside to bring the name within the classification made by Mr. Our Progenitor: Dec 23, 1766, A Jeremiah Coney was wed to Mary Coleman in the Protestant Episcopal Ch in Baltimore Md. NC a Jeremiah Coney sold land to John and Ann White. abt 1782 because his wife Mary obtained a land grant in her name. 474; John Conny, age 20, left London 1634 via the Barbadoes, p. op=GET&db=much2do&id=I4443/PARENTSSir William Ayscough b. With the uprising of 1536 Lincolnshire must have been an extremely difficult and unsafe environment to raise a family. (1) Isaac Newton Snr 1606 and (2) Barnabas Smith 9.1 **********Sir Isaac Newton b.According to her own account she was superior to them all in argument, and those who wished to answer her commonly retired without a word.Amy Clarke Mervyn or Marvin is found on lists of ladies at court in 1558//8.Many thanks go to relatives Jonathon Hopper, UK & especially Anthony Brown, Australia for all of the research they have undertaken and to Andy Scarisbrick for his significant support. Clearly the family were experiencing major political & religious conflict from 1540-onwards.He was educated in Grantham and at Trinity College Cambridge and became a Fellow of Trinity in 1667 and was Lucasian Professor from 1669 to 1702.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.She was highly educated and much devoted to biblical study.There was a Thomas Coney in Lincolnshire, as town clerk in 1620. Although this is not the earliest of Newtons surviving notebooks, it may well be the one that he purchased, together with some ink, on his arrival in Cambridge.
    • Research genealogy for William Ayscough of Bedale North Riding, Yorkshire, England, as well as other members of the Ayscough family, on Ancestry.
    • Medieval brass of Sir William Ayscough and his lady wife found in Stallingborough church Askew is described as a welcome guest in Mary 's household in 1536.
    • Sir William Ayscough was born, son of John Ayscough and Nomen Nesico Arncliffe. He was married to Elizabeth Caythorpe, they gave birth to 1 child. This information is.
    • Family and Education. bap. 24 Aug. 1596, 2nd but o. surv. s. of William Ayscough of South Kelsey and his 2nd w. Katherine, da. of William Heneage of Hainton, Lincs.2 educ

    sir william ayscough

    Popular discontent led to the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381.Locational surnames were developed when former inhabitants of a place moved to another area, usually to seek work, and were best identified by the name of their birthplace. D., was Bishop of Salisbury in 1438, and confessor to Henry V1, he was murdered at Edington, Wiltshire, after saying Mass in 1450. I am contacting you as I found your genealogy work for Grewelthorpe during my research for a WW1 14-18 project about Sawley Village. In 1934 he appeared at Knaresborough court on 2 summonses for speeding. Economic decline had long since cost the borough its electoral independence and from his neighbouring seat at Stallingborough Askew was well placed to join the ranks of local gentlemen who preponderated in its representation: his expectation that the town would do his bidding is reflected in a letter he wrote to the mayor making demands on behalf of one of his servants.This was conferred upon him 25th April, 1602, and his diploma, which is among the MSS.He was probably returned again in 1536, in accordance with the King’s general request for the reelection of the previous Members, and may have sat for a third time in 1539, when the names of the Members for Grimsby are again lost.In May 1533 he is recorded as dining in Princess Mary’s household at Otford, Kent.Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.But according to family and local tradition she was born at Stallingborough, near Grimsby, where the site of her father's house is still pointed out.Recorded as "Echescol" in the Domesday Book of 1086, and as "Aykescogh" in the 1235 Fine Court Rolls of that county, the name derives the Old Norse elements "eiki", oak, and "skogr", wood; hence, "oak wood".by Andrew TURIN of Foveran, probably his son, 1388-1424, whose general successor John TURIN of Foveran, who had a charter of Foveran in 1441, and by Janet HAY, his wife, had a son and successor, William TURIN of Foveran, who was presumably the father of John TURIN of Foveran who s. before 1503, leaving by his wife Catherine VAUX, a son and successor, William TURIN of Foveran, served heir to his father 13 Oct.

    sir william ayscough

    Although other sources suggest that Aiskew is a corruption of the words "Eiki Skogr" translating to Oak Wood.His uncle had been educated at Trinity and one of the fellows of the College, Humphrey Babington, was related to a family with whom Newton had lodged while at school in Grantham. 1628), and to attend a conference with the Lords on 21 Mar.The Askews were an old Lincolnshire family, and the consciousness of this fact may have had something to do with the formation of Anne's character.Chris and Rachel, the current owners of the castle, have traced its ownership from the twelfth century.William Harvey, MD - This distinguished physician, the greatest physiologist the world has seen, and the brightest ornament of our College, was the eldest son of Thomas Harvey, of Folkestone, Kent, by his second wife, Joan, daughter of Thomas Halke, of Haslingleigh, in the same county.(1) He was born at Folkestone on the 1st or 2nd of April,1578.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).

    sir william ayscough sir william ayscough

    William Ayscough 1364-1450 - Ancestry

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